What Are Diabetic Test Strips?

Diabetes is a disease that requires careful and regular monitoring of the amount of sugar in the patient’s bloodstream. Controlling glucose is the key to keeping diabetes in check and preventing it from progressing into dangerous stages and side effects. Diabetic test strips are made of thin strips of plastic. These strips are inserted into blood glucose monitors to detect how much glucose is in the blood at the time of the test.

 They are used by pricking a small amount of blood from the finger, palm or forearm and placing it or drawing it onto the strip. The meter then ‘reads’ the blood on the strip to determine the glucose levels. Most devices have a display screen that shows the results after a few seconds.

 Diabetic test strips are not interchangeable from one type of monitor to another. Each manufacturer makes their own brand of strips to fit their machines. The contour bayer test strips are made to work with many of the One Touch brand of glucose monitors.

 The results given can help someone with diabetes monitor and if necessary, adjust their lifestyle. Used daily, the strips can help avoid more severe complications of diabetes and keep the disease in check. This makes the diabetic test strips an integral part of the monitoring process.

 The strips are often used before a meal or exercise and again afterward. The variations in the results under these circumstances can provide valuable information on how an individual’s body is processing glucose.

 It may be necessary in some cases to conduct the glucose tests more than once a day. Your doctor will probably recommend how often you should perform the tests. For those with hard to control glucose, testing may be done as often as three times a day which can make the cost of diabetic test strips expensive for some people.


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